Property Tax Update – Press Conference Wednesday, October 4th @ noon

To:  King Forest residents and all homeowners in Prince George’s County

From: Charles A. Brown
ý10/ý2/ý2017 12:46 PM
Subject: {district2community} Fwd: Property Tax Update – Press Conf Wed., Oct 4th @ noon

Dear Neighbors,

By now, we have all received our recent Property Tax Bill in the mail.  Yes, our property taxes did increase.  Here’s why:

1.  The state’s assessment of the value of our homes increased.  This is good news as the County is seeing its housing market recover from the 2008 housing crisis, and our property values are rising!

2.  The County did increase our property beyond what Section 813 of the County’s Charter allows. This was illegal.
You may recall the outrage that most residents hadin 2015 when the current administration wanted double digit percentage increases in our property taxes.  The County Council heard our plea and reduced that proposed increase, but still raised our taxes beyond what Tax Reform Initiative by Marylanders – TRIM – allows ($0.96 per $100 assessed value) without voter approval.  Simply put, we should have voted on this tax increase during November 2016 general elections; it was not one of the 7 Questions on the ballot, BUT SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

HERE IS THE UPDATE:  Several citizens who are members of the watchdog group, PG Tax Watch, filed a lawsuit for against the County for failure to seek voter referendum for the property tax increase.  The County twice filed Motions to Dismiss the lawsuit, but both were denied.  The latest denial came last week so the case is going to trial this fall.

A press conference on this development in favor of County taxpayers is being held this

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at noon at the

County Administration Building

in Upper Marlboro, MD.

Please join us if you are available.  More importantly, PG Tax Watch needs your support in its legal team’s advocacy.  You can donate to the legal defense by visiting the website: PG Tax Watch. 

Please share this email with your neighbors.

(By the way, my view is that incremental increase over the years consistent with TRIM would have been just as beneficial, and the financial impact felt less.)

Staying engaged and keeping you informed and educated,

Tamara Davis Brown



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