If MONDAY is your collection day, crews have until 8pm to complete their collection routes. If your materials are not picked up by 8pm, please call 3-1-1 (301-883-4748) on the next business day.  A Customer Service Representative will be glad to assist you. 


Did you have your items out before 6am? Collections begin at 6am.

If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, please correct the situation and set the items out for the next collection day:

Is the yard waste in plastic bags? Place the items in brown paper bags or solid reusable containers.

Do you have branches in the yard waste? Remove them.

Are the branches tied in bundles no more than 4 ft. in length and 3 inches in diameter (width)? If not, tie them up and ensure they do not exceed the length and diameter (width).

Containers must be less than 60 lbs. in order to be collected. Please reduce the weight of the containers to meet the weight requirement, if applicable.


Tips for Household Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste and Bulky Trash Pickup


– Collection is not considered missed until after 8 PM on your collection day. Please do not call before that time to report a miss.
– All items must be placed AT THE CURB before 6 AM on your collection day.
– Items must not be blocked by a vehicle in any way.
– Trash and Recycling Containers or Yard Waste may not exceed 60 pounds in weight.
– Recyclables or Yard Waste may not be mixed in with regular Household Trash


– Trash may not be placed in Recycling containers
– Non-Recyclables may not be placed in Recycling Containers (i.e. plastic bags and film)
– Containers must be clearly marked for Recycling if not a County issued recycling    container.

Yard Waste:

– Yard Waste may must be in paper bags – NO PLASTIC.
– Yard Waste may be placed in a container marked “YARD WASTE” or “YARD TRIM”
– Branches must be no more than 4 feet long or 3 inches in diameter
– Branches must be bundled and tied.

Bulky Trash:

– Additional items may not be added to the Bulky Pickup once the request has been scheduled.
– Household Trash, Recycling or Yard Waste may not be included in a Bulky pickup
– Improper Materials may not be included (ex. Glass/Mirrors, Auto Parts, Construction Materials, etc.)
– Infested items may not be included (bed bugs, rats, roaches, etc.)