Voter Registration Info

The deadline for new voter registration in Maryland is Tuesday, October 18, 2016. New voter registration can be completed by mail or in person at the Board of Elections.

EARLY VOTING for the General Election begins Thursday, October 27th and ends on Thursday, November 3rd.  Polling sites are open from 8am until 8pm.  To obtain a list of early voting polling sites please click on link below:


MARYLAND GENERAL ELECTION – Tuesday, November 8, 20167am to 8pm.

The League of Women Voters of Maryland has created a Voters’ Guide online which includes:  polling places, election dates, absentee ballot information and candidates’ views on the issues.  Please click on link below to access the website and select the state of Maryland:


County Tree Removal

Our neighbor Larry Christian spoke with County Program Coordinator Patricia Valentine of the Neighbor Design Center (NDC) last week as she marked neighborhood trees for removal this summer.  You may have noticed trees marked with white circles and sidewalk curbs marked with a green stripe. These trees (approximately 40), are to be removed this summer and new trees planted sometime after the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday.

If you have a dead tree along your curb that was not marked or have questions that you would like answered please feel free to contact Patricia Valentine at the following:


Phone: (301) 850.1462


Many thanks Larry for providing this invaluable information.